Questions about how to use and configure Lutris to use Steam

Hello community!

Thank you for this great contribution. It’s just fantastic!

Some time ago I wanted to get to use it. Since I’m using playonlinux for some time.

Today I tried to install Darksiders from my library steam, and all good. Until I see the launch Steam, which I have not seen when installed by Lutris and I logged. And I see that is my installation of steam in PlayOnLinux. Darksiders begins to install in this, but there are my other games installed on this bottle of playonlinux.

The question that comes to me, it is. What exactly does the script. That is, set a version of wine with a specific dll for this game?

Or simply are installing the game on my other installation?

Thank you!!
David Jimenez Gámiz

The WineSteam Runner installs Steam through WIne, using its own Wine prefix. You can see how it’s set up over at:

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Currently, all steam games use the prefix in ~/.loca/share/lutris/runners/winesteam/prefix by default, some games will set up their own prefix.

Regardless of the prefix you use, you can use the same Steam installation for all of them which will contain all your Steam for Windows games. This is done by setting a custom location for Steam in the runner options.

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How would I go about telling winesteam where to actually install the games? I don’t want them in /home, because there’s not nearly enough space available.

Or would it be better to already put the prefix where the games should go? How would I move it there so Lutris will still be aware of it?

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