Question: Why there are no new wine (4.7) builds in Lutris repository?

Im waiting for new builds because i cant make Origin running with tkg-protonified-4.6.
Please upload tkg-protonified-4.7.

It seems that the wine tkg-4.7 build from Lutris under ‘Manage Versions’ was removed for some reason. I can report that this wine version does fix the Origin client not starting and would also like to know when it will be reuploaded.

Just a guess, but as they removed it they’re probably waiting for winehq to release 4.8 now which will arrive at the weekend

Yes, that could be it. I see a new wine build named “ge-warframe-protonified-4.7” which allows Esync to be enabled and should be similar to the previously removed tkg build.