Question: How to force Lutris to use the GOG installers?

I’ve archived the latest offline installers of Homeworld Remastered from GOG.
Lutris don’t ask anymore to find them, just start downloading after I log in.

How I can avoid download everything again?


I’ve got the same question/issue here. I have very slow internet at home, so it’s a lot faster/easier for me to download my GOG purchases at a library onto a USB instead of downloading them through Lutris.

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Where we can open a feature request about this issue? I’m new with Lutris.

As a temporary workaround, I’ve figured out that you can download the installer, remove the gogid and gogslug from it, and use lutris -i on the installer to use the offline method.


I’ll try that later. Thank you!

There is already a feature request on the project’s github page here.
Sadly the issue is closed, the solution/workaround being to use the installer cache with properly named folders.

I think using local GOG installation files should be prominently featured when clicking the “install” button for a game, as many people, myself included, like to keep libraries of their installation files, separate from lutris.

@Nobu Your method seems to work (currently installing the witcher), thanks!