Quake Champions - Freezing With DXVK Enabled

Was just wondering if anyone has experienced this. With DXVK enabled (I’ve tried multiple versions) the game freezes as soon as you close the news/daily missions pop up screen at launch. With it disabled however, the game runs ‘just fine’ (performance is awful, but it doesn’t freeze). Anyone have any ideas?

As far as I can tell this game is dx11 only. No opengl and no vulkan.
You therefore need dxvk.
As long as you have installed the dxvk binaries manually into the prefix you do not need to enable dxvk in the icon settings.
dxvk releases come with a script to automate installing the binaries.
All it really does is overwrite directx dll files in your \windows\system32 folder in the prefix folder.
I simply unarchived the dxvk release file and manually copied the dlls into the proper folder.