Quake 4 RUN installer issues

Hello, it’s my first post here.

I own Quake 4 on Steam. I was trying to install Quake 4 with Native + Steam (linux) option and it was a success in the end (game runs great!), but I had two issues along the way:

  1. as suggested, first I ran Quake 4 from Wine Steam to generate “quake4key” file, but the script suggests to put that file to the wrong folder, see here - https://i.imgur.com/0AFUet6.png
    It suggests “~/.quake4/baseq4/” but it should be “~/.quake4/q4base/”. Probably a typo.
  2. more important issue - downloaded RUN installer wont execute, I’ve got an error message upon installation process. Installation fails. Upon further (quick) investigation I’ve noticed, that the downloaded file simply wasn’t executable and I was able to quickly change its properties just after it was downloaded (to the ~/.cache/… folder), and then the installation process continues without a problem, script runs perfectly. The problematic file is: https://lutris.net/files/games/quake-4/quake4-linux-1.4.2.x86.run

Hope my feedback helps somehow. It seems easy to fix (change a typo in the description, make RUN file executable). I’m new to Lutris (yeah, I must have been live under a rock) and I’m loving it so far, great job! I’ll definitely recommend this software to every Linux gamer I know. Cheers.


Fixed the typo and added chmodx before execute. Thanks for the feedback!