'python3.9 quit unexpectedly' everytime I exit from wine game

I am using Lutris Beta flatpak version.
I installed The Witcher 3 GOTY using Lutris Script (GOG). Now the problem is everytime I exit from the game a notification arrives - ython3.9 quit unexpectedly’.

Why is this happening? Should I ignore it??

Nothing should crash (segmentation fault), ever, but since it’s just happening on termination it’s probably harmless. The game has already quit and saved its data etc.

It could be because of running stuff in containers (flatpak, bubblewrap). For example, system python 3.10+, python environment in container python 3.9. Note that containerized packaging like flatpak don’t provide EVERYTHING, they still interact with the system.

About the only harm I could see in this situation would be if game processes DIDN’T exit correctly. If your python session crashes there’d be nothing to run winekill to clean up.