Push to Talk not work in WOW or battle.net

Voice chat not recognise Push-to-Talk events in voice chat in WOW.
The same problem is with push to talk on native Discord application but it appears only after battle.net start under Lutris. If its not running the push-to-talk works fine in Discord.
I have Asus GL752VW with Kubuntu 18.04LTS.

Something on your end then, since it works fine with ingame and Discord for me.

Hm, thanks I will check it out.

Not that I have heard off. You could try disabling runtime, perhaps something in there is interfering, and I have it turned off since I install stuff into my system.

EDIT: I’m also making the assumption you are using DXVK, and have turned off PBA as instructed. I have heard 1 case where blizzard app voice stopped working when PBA was enabled, but that was no voice altogether.

Turn off voice chat reboot the game then turn it back on that helped for me when i was on windows

I’ve the same problem, that the assigned Push-To-Talk key is not recognizied by the ingame voice chat.
Only open microphone works. :frowning:

Running wine-3.15-esync with dxvk 0.72 and PBA disabled. Disabling dxvk or running Wow.exe directly didn’t help…

Any tips? :thinking:

About the Discord: Push to Talk works fine if I don’t enter to the ingame voice chat. And it’s also Push-To-Talk key is not recognizied by the ingame voice chat.