Purchasing from the League Of Legends store seems broken

@strider I saw in some of the other posts you were going to be seeing Riot what will now be a day or so ago to discuss a lot of the issues with the most recent LOL updates. Anyways, when you try to buy anything from LOL store currently, champions and runes at the very least, there is some unknown error in addition to a goofy login screen that seems like it wants to reauthenticate you before the purchase which never works with the correct credentials or otherwise.

Here is the screenshot of the entire screen with the login screen: https://imagebin.ca/v/35HdHcduUvhC

Here is a screenshot of the unknown error dialogue after you try entering the above credentials or cancel-ing the authentication dialogue: https://imagebin.ca/v/35Hde6NsGBMA

If those screenshots aren’t there when you look or there is anything else I can do to help narrow down the issue please let me know.

As always thanks for your help :grinning:

That authentication error has been a problem for awhile now.

Have you tried going into your champions tab on your profile, clicking on a champion so you can see purchase champion at the bottom, then going back to the store?
You have to restart your client before doing the above step and if you click on the store before you do the above step you have to restart the client.
Also you have to do the above step after every game.

I found out about this project yesterday : https://github.com/Nefelim4ag/League-Of-Legends

I have barely tried it but at least it showed me the launcher. Since all of you seem to be playing much more of the game than I am, could you confirm that this version works properly? I would then apply the same thing in the Lutris installer if it does.

Just installed it. Defaulted to wine 1.9.20 seems to work fine for me. Actually the easiest and quickest install so far.
I will mess around with it more later.
Edit: The store worked fine for me, but I only tried the old client.

EDIT: After playing around with it the sound didn’t work right away for me at least and the store is not working. Store seems to have lots of problems

@cblade Did you remove League first and then perform the install? I ask since I did not remove the install of League from Lutris and running the latest version of Antergos couldn’t actually get it to install to test anything else. I began the install process, as a second installation, and made it past the 33% barrier I usual run into when I run the League updates, usually I have to stop the update process and restart it for it to progress past 33%. In the case of this new installer / project it blew right past 33% with no trouble or restart of the client necessary but than bug splatted and bombed in the low 40% and after trying again it made it to the mid 50% and bugsplatted again. So @cblade what distro are you running out of curiosity? Glad to hear the store works with it.


Just to add to this I am in the process of setting up an antergos vm setup with the same de and setup I have now and will run this new installer there as well to rule out any shenanigans on my actual box as well. I will let you guys know if there is any better news from this attempt.


Okay @strider @cblade I tried out the new installer after removing the old league of legends data completely from Lutris and tried again. I got the install working flawlessly but I happen to be running the newest version of wine so of course ran into issues there but everything install-wise worked beautifully. So once this gets integrated into Lutris and I can fiddle with the version of wine I am using in a much easier fashion this should work flawlessly. Since cblade confirmed the store works with this install as well I say two thumbs way up for integrating this new project into Lutris. I guess just let us know when this gets merged into Lutris and I will be one of the first in line to reinstall all of League and test the rest of it out.

Thanks again.

That’s good news.

I won’t integrate this project directly but I will replicate its behavior in the Lutris installer, proabably some time next week.