Pummel Party Install

Hi Guys,
I’m kind of new to Lutris, and I successfully installed MTG Arena.

Now, I want to install Pummel Party (a game from STEAM) and couldn’t find any material on internet to help on that… when I click on install using the same way I used on MTGA, I got the “Steam Proton” install button and when I click it, steam tells me “This game is not available to your platform” and I get the “Installing Game Data” stuck forever on screen…

How can I stall it? using another runner?

Thanks for any help,
I really appreciate!

To use Proton, you have to enable (and install) it in Steam client first. Run it and find the option in settings (I believe the feature is called “Steam Play” in the client).
After it finishes the setup, you can try installing the game directly from the Steam client (if it succeeds, install script from Lutris should work as well).
Also, Lutris has no way to know the state of the game after you start the Steam client; so rather than waiting for the game/installation process to finish, it’ll wait for the Steam client to quit (closing the window doesn’t always work, it may still be running in systray). As a consequence, BTW, trying to run a game while Steam client is running will result in Lutris thinking the game quit instantly (because that’s what the client instance it ran does, after messaging the already-running instance to start the game).

Ok, so, starting the game from steam or lutris should be the same, right?

I installed it on steam and it’s working normal…

If you mean whether Steam treats Proton games same way as native games when possible, then yes. As long as Proton is installed, Steam tries to minimize the difference for the user between games that use it and those that don’t.