PSA RE Discord server new unwritten rule

If you don’t “I stand with Ukraine” you will be banned… Probably any kind of sustained criticism of any kind of Ukraine will get you banned… It’s rather dishonest that this new rule is not in any actual rules anywhere. Facebook at leas is honest about it’s “2 minutes of hate”…

Ironically I got banned soon after some genius said Ukraine is superior to Russia because it does not censor anyone…

So basically… if ya’ll wanna stay on the server and not get randomly banned remember… be a Ukraine sycophant the mods in charge are a little bit overly emotional in their anti-russian jingoism/racism/etc even in the supposedly open to politics Ukraine room.

I will be honest all voices should have a right to have their say. Then again games are not a place for politics to play out, yes in war their is politics. If it was all driven by anything other than politics there would actually be no war.

I understand wanting to show support, that is all great but, there are people in Russia who do not agree with their own government so not supporting them is also just as bad. It is an ugly hamster wheel people jump on and then can never get off because it gives them a reason, whether it is to hate or disagree or just have that god complex feeling since that is the only thing they can control. People are people and someday they will all realize all everyone else was trying to do was navigate the same thing from a different side.

There is one specific mod on discord that from the start abused his position for kindof hysterical propaganda purposes. Then he realized there were potential real life consequences and toned it down. This led to the creation of the ukraine-politics room… which as you pointed out should not have been there in the first place. But seeing as it was created the mods in charge have a sacred duty to be impartial and not agitate by way of selective moderation in favour of their own personal views.

But that too would be fine enough if there had been honesty about the real reason for the room being supporting Ukraine instead of general discussion over the situation. If nothing else I am warning people to stay away unless they want to engage in self congratulatory pro-Ukraine virtue signalling… because they will be unfairly booted from the entire Lutris discord if they do not do as Big Brother tells them to.