PS5 Controller with Client

Hello fellows,

I asked this in reddit first, but didnt received any answer. Maybe here someone can help me?

I like using my PS5 Controller for D4 launched from the Client in Lutris. The Controller
is recognized, but is handled like an XBox Controller. When I use the Controller in GOG, the icon
and trigger mappings are correct. I tried it also in Bottles, just to have a comparison and there it show the correct PS-Icons and the mappings are correct. So its definitly not an issue with the game, or the controller (connected with USB). Could that be that the installation script misses something? Or what do I need to do to get it work right? I tried to compare the Wine-Config with the config of GOG. But I dont can find any difference. Maybe someone can verify this behavour and can give me a solution to this?

I can imagine, that also other users like to use theire PS5 Controllers with D4. The same happens with D2R.

Thanks a lot for your time.