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PS4 Controller Support


I have issues trying to get games launched via Lutris and Epic Games to fully utilize my PS4 controller via Bluetooth.

PS4 controller works fine with Steam, but when I launch a game I downloaded through Epic games it does not work.

The only thing that works on the PS4 controller seems to be the touchpad as I can control the camera angles in the game and use it as mouse to move and click menu items. But the D-pad, joystick, and other buttons do not seem to work?

Wine also seems to recognize it as when I go to the Wine control panel and click on Game Controllers then look at the Connected section, Wireless Controller appears. So I am not sure what is wrong and why the PS4 controller doesn’t work in Lutris Launched Games.

Thank you.

I already raised this issue on their github page I think last year or the year prior, still no answer.

The current solution I found to get ps4 controller to work with Lutris is the ds4drv userspace drive.

You can install the ds4drv userspace driver and run ds4drv --hidraw through the terminal before you launch the game. But, you have to do this every time before you launch the game which is inconvenient.

Edit: Deleted GameHub controller support recommendation as it seemed I was having the ds4drv driver running in the background that is why it seemed to work. I could not get GameHub to work by itself.