Providing different versions of Wine directly in Lutris

I’m wondering, if it’s possible to provide different versions of wine directly in Lutris. I’m thinking about an approach similar to PlayOnLinux where the selected version will be downloaded and can be used.

This idea came to my mind, because I tried to write an installer for Inquisitor (here: ). In the game some red boxes appear. But using this guide the problems are solved. (I confirmed it myself.) Maybe it’s because of the higher version of wine.

It seems that some game are working better with a specific version of wine. And it would be nice to download and use those directly in Lutris.

Would this be possible? This might not be the only game that will benefit from this feature.

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It’s possible to set the version of wine you want to use in the installer, for example League of Legends uses:

wine: version: 1.9.2-staging-lol-i386

You can see what versions we have here:

If you set a specific version in the installer and the user doesn’t have it installed, it will be downloaded automatically.

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t know that this is possible. I will try to finalize the installer using this parameter now.