Hi everyone,
I’d like to put Proton-5.9-GE-3-ST with Lutris.
Could you please tell me how to integrate it?
Thank you!

You need to build Proton 5.9 GE 3 ST following the instructions:

After installing yu go to a game’s “Runner Options” ins Lutris and st “Wine Version” to Custom and give the path to your build below at “Custom Wine executable”.

just download whichever version you want and put it into the compatibilitytools.d directory like normal and then it should also show up in the wine version list under the runner tab in lutris automatically

no need to build it yourself

If you have Steam installed, just download it from github

Extract it, and then copy it to the compatibilitytolls.d directory.
It should be in:
If it does not exist, just create it.
After this, restart both steam and lutris, and it should now show up under wine versions

Hi everyone,
Thank you, it works!
Have a nice day.

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After installing the last Lutris version on Ubuntu 20.10, I can no longer see Proton … GE … in the Lutris Runner options. Proton GE is installed in “/home/MYUserName/.local/share/Steam/compatibilitytools”.
I can choose it in Steam. What can I do? Without Proton I can’t play StarWars Battlefront like before.

i found this on reddit and it helps:
You can also add the wine build by extracting it to lutris runners directory. To do this download proton ge, extract it, then enter the extracted directory. Rename the ‘dist’ folder to something you want eg. Ptnge420. Then copy this directory to .local/share/lutris/runners/wine/

Does this mean I don’t need to install steam and put it in there?