Project Reality 1.5 (BF2) any luck?

I’m trying to run Project Reality 1.5 - but I cannot pass the main menu. Every time i select something it crashes.It’s in a 32bit wine prefix I’ve tried reinstalling dotnet40 and vcredist2015 - but that did not help. Changing wine versions also seemed to not make a difference as well as enabling/disabling DXVK.

Last entry on log in lutris is:
All children gone Exit with return code 6*

Anyone had this game running ? any input is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello fishbicki,
I’ve managed to get the login window to show but with a black screen with fully readable text windows amid the rest of the window being black by installing dotnet45. installing dotnet46 broke it again. I’ve been trying to work on getting it working just for fun. I may go even further and make a script for it if I’m ever even successful. But don’t hold your breath. I’m about to give up haha.