Progress on CentOS build

Hi I am creating a Lutris centOS build by preparing all dependencies myself.

I install python3-Gobject and PyYAML using pip and python 3.6 manually.

the RPM package for fedora 28 detects the python package and that dependency problem is solved.

Now other 3 are left which are python3-evdev PyYAML and Gobject i installed them using pip but Lutris RPM dont detect the pip installed dependencies. Any help would be appreciated.

I also managed PyYAML and evdev downloading manually RPM package, the one unable to install have some extra dependencies are


just 1 dependency pyhon3-Gobject is left to run lutris on CentOS 7 and rhel 7 please a good binary package will be appreciated.

here it is running on RHEL 7.6

these are dependencies and few file system changes I did make to make it run successfully… Strider and lutris devs i would love to ask you for a permission to create a github repo and maintain it for other people to run it on CentOS 7/ RHEL 7 here is my repo :slight_smile:

Whatabout setting up a copr repo? That way you can put these rpms there and rebuild lutris’ srpm there and have an el7/8 ready copr repo? If you are uninterested, I can do it. I am slowly but surely migrating from a self hosted yum repo to copr, as it simplifies multiple arches (fedora, el, etc).

no i managed to create the repo, and i dont prefer copr that much

i also mentioned in the readme, how i did it. Its just actually few system python dependencies and few others which i provided which were not available in official repo. Strider said he can make an OBS repo out of this, there is one extra step i had to do was to move from python 3.6 to 3.4. else everything was standard.
Lets see how OBS repo goes :slight_smile:

Are your packages here the official Fedora ones or rebuilds/custom ones?

They are rebuilds of the Fedora 28 packages, currently python 3.6 is provided in RHEL/CentOS 7 Repos but the python 3.6 Gobject, Evdev, PyYAML are not provided so i did rebuild of fedora 28 packages to build Lutris 21 (last supported on fedora 28 using python3.6). But recently i found that it installed lutris in python 3.6 site packages but lutris was finding itself in python 3.4 packages due to some unknown reason. So there can be multiple solutions to this I mentioned on my github readme and discussion on lutris github page.

and a bit side note, this wont work on 32 bit systems most probably as dependencies for python are not included in i686 format and i wont be rebuilding i686 packages and testing them on a 32 bit machine.