Problems with world of warcraft after updating OS

debug out put: 2024-06-03 15:31:26,834: Command 'fluidsynth' not found on your system2024-06- -

Wow will launch then the screen will flash black and the game will crash. It was working correctly prior to doing a system update. I had this same issue on pop_os which lead me to moving away from it but I would like to try and solve this as its obviously gonna be an issue anywhere i go

Any advice? I reinstalled my nvidia drivers but that did not help

Well that’s the lutris output - we can see it isn’t a lutris issue, unless your config ends up trying to run it on the AMD GPU, but that doesn’t look like it.
First, if you are only running off your NVIDIA card, and can disable your integrated AMD adapter in the BIOS, do it. The less confused things get, the easier it is to debug.

You don’t say what distro or windowing system you are using (e.g. Mint+XFCE/Arch+Wayland) but as long as you’re not running on an old X11, the driver should be fine.

Second, as a modern game that’s kept up to date, I’d also switch to running it on Proton, rather than wine-ge. Running DX12 and a 4090 needs a 6.x kernel as well, so make sure that is installed.

Finally, you might also want to search for your error (“X Eror of failed request: BadMatch”) and maybe the major failure code (149) to give you some hits.


I’m on opensuse tumbleweed with KDE plasma on x11 not wayland so fairly up to date.

I tried disabling the amd chip in bios but was unsuccessful in doing so.

Edit: issue does not occur using plasma wayland so its def something up with my x11 config

Known issue with x11 - if you couldn’t use Wayland or disable the iGPU, rolling back to lutris 0.5.16 and setting the vulkan ICD loader to nvidia proprietary in your case fixes the issue.