Problems with the new Interface

I like some ideas with the new interface, but unfortunally, some essential features have disapeared :

  1. It’s now impossible to simply remove a game from the main library. There is a hide feature, but it doesn’t completely remove the game. The only way is to edit the game database with a sql program, it is not pratical.
  2. There is no way to add an installed game. Before when I installed a game with Steam or Linux, Lutris automatically imported it. If I installed with wine outside Lutris, I juste had to add it from my library on Lutris Website and then there was an option “Add installed game”. But now these features has disapeared so I have to add a new game and fill manually all the informations about it.
  3. If a game is not installed or is not the main library, there is not any option about it except “Install”, it should be good if there was other options as “View on”, “Add to favorites” or “Add installed game”.
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