Problems with lutris ppa

I installed Lutris following the instrucrtions from the official page. I added the PPA and downloaded Lutris. Now, whenever I try to “sudo apt-get update” it gives me this error:

E: El repositorio « jammy InRelease» cambió su valor «Label» de «Lutris stable» a «lutris»
N: Esto debe aceptarse explícitamente antes de que se puedan aplicar actualizaciones para este repositorio. Consulte la página de manual de apt-secure(8) para obtener más detalles.

It’s in spanish, but the translation would be:

E: Repository « jammy InRelease» has changed its «Label» value from «Lutris stable» to «lutris»
N: This must be explicitly accepted before updates can be applied for this repository. See the apt-secure(8) man page for more details.

looking up in the internet i found that the PPA was removed because it was no longer being maintained (Lutris ppa not available anymore · Issue #4563 · lutris/lutris · GitHub)

What should I do? Lutris runs fine, but this error appears only when I do sudo apt-get update Any ideas on a solution? Is anyone facing the same problem?

I have Ubuntu 22.04

Hmm, remove and re-add the changed PPA, or maybe something like “apt-get update --allow-releaseinfo-change” then apt-get upgrade as normal.

The apt-get program is more persnickety about things like that. I think apt is the preferred command now.

apt update
apt upgrade

Wierd, but doing sudo apt update gave me the choice to continue using the same PPA. So i did. Thanks for your help

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Not weird, apt just updated your change without having to manually override it like apt-get.