Problems to run Modded Fallout 3

Before to have Lutris I used to play games with Wine on Mac.
On Mac, you install games inside wrappers, like snaps
Basically, my games are already “installed”, the only thing I have to do is to move my games from my old game wrappers into my default Game path on Linux, where Lutris can access my games.

Moving files and configuring some paths in Lutris is not a problem.
But…i like modding, so I use Mod Organizer and Skript extenders to launch my customized games. Especially my Fallout and Skyrim are heavily modded. I had no problem to execute this modded games on Mac.

If I try to launch games with Mod Organizer and Script extender like Fose (for Fallout 3) then mod organizer fails to load my game.
How can I get my game working, please?