Problems installing GoG games

Hi everyone,

I’m new on linux (Ubuntu 20.04) and I’m trying to install some games I played on Windows before. But I met issues trying to install two GoG games, No Man’s Sky and The Witcher 3 GOTY. The issue is the same for both of them:

  1. I download the installer from GoG.
  2. I start the installation through Lutris with Vine as runner and using the downloaded installer.
  3. At a point, it requires to connect to GoG, no problem with that.
  4. The installation runs normally until the very end. When all files are installed, it seems Lutris cannot complete the installation. It enters in a neverending loop with the following messages:

2021-03-16 14:51:46.727 [Warning][ (0)] [TID 768][galaxy_client]: Exceeded maximum consecutive failure count (60). Will retry rebuilding jump list in 120s.
2021-03-16 14:53:03.902 [Information][ (0)] [TID 332][galaxy_client]: ConfigurationProvider created.
2021-03-16 14:53:03.903 [Information][ (0)] [TID 332][galaxy_client]: Successfully checked API status: Online
2021-03-16 14:53:03.904 [Information][ (0)] [TID 768][galaxy_client]: Number of HttpClient download threads is already at 10.
2021-03-16 14:53:03.905 [Information][ (0)] [TID 768][galaxy_client]: Starting or updating game piece cache manager.
2021-03-16 14:53:03.909 [Information][ (0)] [TID 768][galaxy_client]: Changing game piece cache invalidation interval to 21600s.
2021-03-16 14:53:20.909 [Information][ (0)] [TID 1596][galaxy_client]: Syncing game times of user 49738881441914719 with backend.
2021-03-16 14:53:20.910 [Information][SubSystem shortTasks thread (63)] [TID 1400][galaxy_client]: Starting ClientTask: PendingGameSessionTask
2021-03-16 14:53:20.917 [Information][SubSystem shortTasks thread (63)] [TID 1400][galaxy_client]: ClientTask finished: PendingGameSessionTask
2021-03-16 14:53:27.644 [Information][SubSystem shortTasks thread (63)] [TID 1400][galaxy_client]: StorePresenceStatusTask response received 204
2021-03-16 14:53:38.458 [Information][ (0)] [TID 2140][galaxy_client]: Scheduling periodic product check task.
2021-03-16 14:53:38.462 [Information][ (0)] [TID 2140][galaxy_client]: Skipped running FetchAllProductDetailsTask because it ran 209 minutes ago.
2021-03-16 14:53:38.704 [Information][SubSystem installer thread (65)] [TID 1408][galaxy_client]: Retrieved valid product authorisation for ‘1495134320’ from the database.
2021-03-16 14:53:38.704 [Information][SubSystem installer thread (65)] [TID 1408][galaxy_client]: Fetching product configuration for ‘1495134320’.
2021-03-16 14:53:38.908 [Information][SubSystem installer thread (65)] [TID 1408][galaxy_client]: Serializing valid product configuration for ‘1495134320’.
2021-03-16 14:53:46.799 [Information][ (0)] [TID 768][galaxy_client]: Scheduling rebuild of the main jump list. Reason: retry after failure (attempt 163).
2021-03-16 14:53:46.899 [Information][ (0)] [TID 768][galaxy_client]: Rebuilding the main jump list.
0300:fixme:shell:CustomDestinationList_SetAppID 0x1345980 (L"GogCom.GalaxyClient.Main"): stub
2021-03-16 14:53:47.789 [Error][ (0)] [TID 768][galaxy_client]: Failed to rebuild jump list 164 time(s) in a row: Error Message: Failed to set the jump list’s app ID. Code: -2147467263
Stack Trace
27: EntryPoint - 0xbb118f
26: EntryPoint - 0xbb232b
25: EntryPoint - 0x90bc40
24: EntryPoint - 0x90fabe
23: EntryPoint - 0x75c0db
22: EntryPoint - 0xb56cbe
21: EntryPoint - 0xb5991a
20: EntryPoint - 0x5525a3
19: EntryPoint - 0x4e6339
18: EntryPoint - 0x4e654f
17: ArrangeIconicWindows - 0x1c4b89c
16: EditWndProc - 0x1c4c063
15: EditWndProc - 0x1c4c9fe
14: CallWindowProcW - 0x1c4e830
13: DispatchMessageW - 0x1c0830b
12: cef_string_utf16_to_upper - 0x4350ee0
11: cef_string_utf16_to_upper - 0x43508d3
10: cef_string_utf16_to_upper - 0x43502c1
9: cef_time_delta - 0x4d683a6
8: cef_string_utf16_to_upper - 0x4369225
7: cef_string_map_size - 0x42fa8ca
6: EntryPoint - 0x4e86f5
5: EntryPoint - 0x4e9624
4: EntryPoint - 0xc2fa8a
3: BaseThreadInitThunk - 0x7b62e490
2: RtlUserThreadStart - 0x7bc58c57
1: RtlCreateUserThread - 0x7bc58ea0
0: UNK - 0x0

I have then two option: Cache and Cancel. I am not able to complete the installation and I don’t know how to solve it. Any ideas ?

why does it try to install Galaxy client? It seems you use the wrong game setup file. Please give us the fully log. Publish it on ubuntupaste and let the url here.

Using the lustris -d command I guess ? That’s my first time so I’m not sure…

yes, follow this guide:
To create a log, first close Lutris completely. Then, open your terminal application, execute lutris -d and try to reproduce your issue. After that, you need to copy the output in the terminal and share it with us (all of it). It’s recommended to use this ad-free paste service:

Ok !
The time to do it and I will post it here.

it will be not necessary, you caused this issue becaused you downloaded the wrong setup files. Lutris needs the offline setup files, not the gog galaxy setup files.

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So I need to download all files from the offline save ?
I will try to do that. I will wait to get the issue using the online file, in case it is something else.

You can also connect Lutris to your GOG account and it will automagically download all game setup files for you.

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Thank you for your help !
I sucessfully installed No Man’s Sky. Concerning the Witcher, it appears some files were corrupted, so I will try to download anew the files and reinstall it.

Now I have another question… I would like to associate my games with the GoG Galaxy app emulated with Lutris. If I merge the folders of my games and those of GoG, will it work ?

could happen, you should associate your GOG account with Lutris, then it will automatically donwload gog files for you, you know how to do that?

“I would like to associate my games with the GoG Galaxy app emulated with Lutris. If I merge the folders of my games and those of GoG, will it work ?”
I can not help you, I do not use GOG Galaxy

Yes I did it. I tried both methods: download the files myself and use the downloader of Lutris. In the first case, it never launched the installation. It did in the second case but with the issue of corrupted files.

I will try with NMS.