Problem with installing any game

I have got problem with installing many games (didnt try all).
However I think that missing icons in lutris on the left are part of the problem.

I just installed fresh kubuntu 21.10 + wine.

Thank you.

What happens when you install the game from

I don´t know. I reinstalled everything (Kubuntu) and now it´s running.
I am not sure if I done something differently, but probably yes . Or somehow 21.10 was better patch then yesterday.?
Please close this thread.

Hello I somehow replicate this error.
Can someone verify it?
Kubuntu 20.04 lts with winehq stable!
With staging branch it is going well.
But there is another one problem with winehq stable and that after installing game as mr. Tfk (through lutris site) it is going well but, (maybe it was only one game I tried gw2) after staring it, there was black screen with music and mouse.
W/o gamemode installed.