Problem with Grand Theft Auto V Fullscreen

Though GTA V is currently free I wanted to install it, but when I run it my screen just gets black (I can see on a mirrored screen, that the game don’t do anything.)
It is also worht mentioning, that I got a custom Xorg-Configuration. I had to replace dots with underlines in the links, since new user only can put 2 Links in a post.

Log files can be found under pastebin:
lutris --submit-issue: https://pastebin_com/SXjFsDKx
lutris-d: https://pastebin_com/FdecR4Pf
short game output: https://pastebin_com/LR1u5eBz
long game output: https://pastebin_com/PL7HzvnG

00-keyboard.conf: https://pastebin_com/66Axcaq2
10-monitor.conf (gets partly overwritten by kde!): https://pastebin_com/H88QsXX
20-amdgpu.conf: https://pastebin_com/LKheEkz5

It could be fixed by using the fshack-version of wine