Problem to run super tux kart and assault cube

what can I do , to fix this problem?

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It is just spinning your wheels to run free, open source games like this… you shouldn’t need this tomfoolery. This is what’s getting in your way.

Supertuxkart compiles easily. AssaultCube might need some Makefile edits. Both of them have linux native binaries in their tarballs if you were to just go and download and unpack them and if you can’t run simple OpenGL games outside of stupid containers, get another distribution that isn’t quite so silly :slight_smile:

Sometimes help comes like this, it may not seem like it’s answering your question, but the only good thing about beating your head against the wall is that it feels good when you stop :slight_smile:



Damn, that’s even a new build of AssaultCube (April 2022). It’s likely that should just ./run for you. I think I’m going to get that, I haven’t seen that game in 15 years.

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I’m not even on my gaming system right now (it’s a simple, from scratch system, not even a distro) and I just downloaded and unpacked AssaultCube, went into the main directory and launched the game with:


Or through the wrapper script


It works both ways, right out of the box.

(I already know SuperTuxKart works)

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