Problem to run games with wine

Hi , I’m new here and my mother tongue is not the english however I try to get a better english everyday , now , I play before in lutris… using port of linux and using wine , but now I don´t know how happen but wine in lutris is does´t work anymore and I don´t know what can do to fix that , can someone help me with this problem :pd I try from every wine version and proton too and still I have that problem , thanks

Please read this and submit the data it requests.

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I follow the step , however , the log cannot register nothing and the lutris in self is frozen when I start a game with wine

You have to run the lutris -d and lutris --submit-issue in a terminal where there is a prompt to spell out the lutris command. There is no “button” to do the lutris commands. As you don’t even state what your Linux distribution is, it is even hard to say what you might have to press to get a terminal, but it is going to be something like pushing the “Start” button, going to “Tools”, and picking something like “Konsole”, “gnome terminal”, or some other menu item that has “term” or “terminal” in the name (i.e. lxterm, etc.).

When you run the command, then you have to click select the output, and paste it into a message here.

If you don’t try to figure out how to provide this information requested, probably nobody can or will want to help you.
can someone help me please?

I suggest you give this a look:

It seems to reference the same error in your log.

Or this:

Web searching for KeyError: ‘contentstatsid’ will probably help.


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I find this
but is chinese to me , how suppose to know how change that?

Run a command like this on your system:

$ find / -path "*/lutris/util/steam/" 2>/dev/null

If you read the information about that commit, you can see why that path is chosen for the command. Make the change the commit made. Since this is probably a file deployed by your distribution, it will be necessary to use sudo or login as root. It is strongly suggested you backup the original file first.

For example (your path may be different):

$ find / -path "*/lutris/util/steam/" 2>/dev/null
$ sudo cp -a \
  /usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/lutris/util/steam/ \
$ sudo vim /usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/lutris/util/steam/

It isn’t necessary to use vim to edit the file, but use a text editor that doesn’t change things behind your back. This is mostly a given for editors on Linux. The main thing is that generally you shouldn’t run GUI-based programs with superuser permissions unless they are expressly designed safe for that purpose.

You can confirm the edit with a command like:

$ diff -u \
  /usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/lutris/util/steam/ \

WARNING: If you proceed down this route, you assume the risk of breaking lutris if your distribution updates it, and you might have to uninstall/re-install lutris to fix it. This should not affect the installed games, but it may be an inconvenience if you forget you did this.

If you update lutris from your distribution, the fix may disappear if the update does not contain the improvement. It might also be that if you update lutris, that file doesn’t update because it sees you edited it. It might be necessary to roll-back the change by copying the .orig file back before updating.

You can always install a different lutris vs. the one installed by the distribution, but if you think the patch was incomprehensible, there isn’t much point to trying to indicate how to do that.

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I am apologize , because I figure out how fix it and relese that menssage because I don´t want to appears annoy but I don´t gonna release again , thanks