Problem Installing TERA

I Install TERA to the end, but when I launch the game this appears: screenshot_1
I am using Void Linux distro.

For some odd reason the script seems to delete the setup.exe before it executes it.
I found an easy fix though :slight_smile:

  • Run the install script (you probably did already)
  • Then download the setup from here (choose the Direct Download)
  • Place that setup.exe in /home/lucidgate/Games/drive_c/ (Do NOT rename the setup file)
  • Launch Lutris again and right-click on the game-entry and select: Install (add) another version
  • Run through the setup again (This time the actual game setup should start)
  • Afterwards you can delete the old game-entry since you should now have the game twice in Lutris
  • When you delete the old entry untick the box that says: `Remove all data from game folder``(otherwise it will delete all game file files and you will need to do it all over again)

This should work :slight_smile:
At least it did on my end.

Have Fun :smiley:

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Worked like a charm. Thank you A LOT! Have a great day!

Hi , I fixed the script It should just work now.
Till fix gets approved you can try it by clicking edit installer then test this installer.

I published the changes