Problem installing League of Legends (Solved)


I am using Debian testing with winehq 8.11 and Lutris for installing League of Legends. Installer launchs and I can log and play the game. Problem is that installation is not ended properly and I can’t relaunch the game later, only cancel installation.

I have seen the message “Do not log in during installation, just close the installation client once it finishes downloading” in installation dialog. I do so, closing Riot installer after it has downloaded the game, but dialog doesn’t react and goes on and on showing me only a cancel button.

What can I do? Anyone else with same problem? Thank you very much.

I have solved the problem. Riot installer run in background until I kill it from task manager. When I do so, lutris installer ends intallation and I can launch the game from lutris interface. Perhaps it should include a warning, explaining that problem. It is nos enough closing Riot installer window. It must be killed.


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