PREFIX and quoting wine command via VAR o something

I’m trying to prevent some games to steal data since they don’t need internet.
I followed this guide.

But if it requires to jail the whole command between quotes.
Is there any variable in the PREFIX field to launch the whole wine game? Example:
PREFIX = sg no-internet -c “%command%”

This is the way Steam manages arguments but in Lutris I don’t know how to enclose the wine command between quotes

btw Thanks guys, Lutris is amazingly useful.

Have you tried “Command prefix” option in the “System options” tab of the game config?

Yeah, but it just glues together the prefix + command. i need a way to put the command between quotes in order to make this work.

thanks anyway @LeXofLeviafan

If you mean you need additional arguments, you can put them in the “Arguments” option in the “Game options” tab

Hi, I want this to work.
Using the same steps of the tutorial,

sg no-internet -c "command args"

Note the quotes and the space between command and args.
Lutris stick together the commands


sg no-internet -c /path/to/wine /path/to/application.exe

instead of the correct syntax

sg no-internet -c "/path/to/wine /path/to/application.exe"

Note the quotes after -c and the last character.

Ok, I got a workaround but not the perfect solution.
You can try using sg with the shell instead with lutris.

user@pc~$ sg no-internet -c "lutris lutris:rungameid/7"

Change 7 with your game id.

Is working, so you can create a desktop shortcut (launcher) with lutris then go to Properties and change Command with the code above.

lutris lutris:rungameid/7

Change to

sg no-internet -c "lutris lutris:rungameid/7"

Remember to change 7 with your game id.

This is not perfect because you can’t execute sg inside lutris, only this work when using the launcher in your desktop.

Did you use the “command prefix” to prepend sg no-internet -c to the command? If so, the lack of quotes around the whole thing is intentional (as what you’re trying to do is not “adding a prefix” but “wrapping a command”).
To do what you want, you either have to a) add another game link with sg as game executable (and the rest as arguments, with whatever quotes you need, or b) write a wrapper script that would add quotes for you and use it instead:

sg no-internet -c "$*"

Note that this particular script ignores any whitespace inside received arguments, so if your path-to-application (or executable name) includes whitespaces, you’ll need a more advanced script for that.