Preffered method to keep Lutris up to date in debian


Lutris is 0.5.12 in debian 12.
to go to lutris 0.5.13 (and later) what’s the best? Use Flatpak, or use downloade .deb (where?) or switch to testing, and wait for new package in testing? Or another method?


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Lutris is still at 0.5.12 in Debian Sid also, and 0.5.13 is yet to appear even in experimental.

In which case I’ve installed the 0.5.13 Debian package from the Lutris github page.

I download the .deb, then in a console cd to the directory where it’s saved then

sudo dkpg -i lutris.0.5.13_all.deb

This works nicely in Sid, so presumably it will for Bookworm, (Debian 12), also.

You may also need to install the python3-gi-cairo package manually.

sudo apt install python3-gi-cairo

python3-gi-cairo is a required dependency for 0.5.13, that was missed from the dependency list, though possibly that has been corrected by now.

If so you will not need to install it manually, lutris runs without it installed though it doesn’t display the game banner art.

With regard to lutris still being at 0.5.12 in the official Debian repos, it’s possible the Debian gaming maintainers haven’t had time to catch up with latest version so close to the release of Debian 12.

Ok. Thanks a lot!

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No worries, I hope that helped you.