PPA is now deprecated. Will there be a simple Snap package? Flatpak is cumbersome to setup on Ubuntu

I mean cumbersome as a new comers won’t even start with the process. There is a deb package but are not those of old Linux world and maybe even unsecure?

I recall there was a Snap package of Lutris in the works but suddenly halted.

There’s been talk about aligning the debs to deb-get or something. Which I personally wouldn’t even mind, as I personally still prefer debs to the snap/flapak clutter. (And talking of security, there is nothing that makes snaps or flats inherently more secure than debs or rpms. It all comes down to how are they packaged, maintained and distributed.)

On the other hand, it seems like that if you want attention form the team on these topics, you will have to write either on github, or teddit. They seem to ignore package talk here on the forums… Beats me why.