Possible twitch app fix for battle.net client incompatability

I’ve been having an issue in World of Warcraft where I was unable to run the Twitch/curse client with the battlenet client at the same time. I’d just been completely exiting wine, and lutris, and running twitch, to update addons. But tonight battlenet completely crapped out on me for no reason that i could figure out, and this caused me to try running various exe’s in the wine prefix searching for a solution. Then the moment happened that is the purpose of this post. the battlenet agent asked if i wanted to run the non-beta client. And when I said yes it fixed. But this made me realize that I’m probably not the only person dealing with this inability to use twitch(a convenient place to find maintained addons, and install/update them). So all you have to do is turn off the beta client.

Sorry for the long winded post, I’m not a frequent poster in any forums, but I hope this post helps someone not go through the same frustrations I’ve been going through for the last several months.

T.L.D.R :

If you are unable to run the twitch/curse app while the battlenet client is open, opt out of the beta battlenet client, this worked for me.