Possible to get native resolution in game, when using desktop scaling?

Suppose that the user is using 200% Wayland scaling on a 4K monitor.

If the user launches StarCraft II on Gnome, in the game’s options, the maximum resolution is 1080p. On KDE, scaling is disabled for X11 apps by default, and if SC II is launched in this state, the Battle.NET UI is tiny but 4K resolution is available in the options of SC II. However, disabling scaling for X11 often makes other X11 apps unusable, so if the user enables system scaling for X11 apps, the situation becomes the same as Gnome: max 1080p in the game.

Other than disabling system scaling altogether, is there anyway to get 4K in the settings of SC II on Linux? It is possible on Windows: setting desktop scaling to 200% still allows 4K in the options of SC II.

If you know that it is not possible, at least let me know that, so that I would give up. It is hard to believe that no one has ever faced this issue… I am not the only person who uses a 4K monitor, am I?