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Possibilty of having multiple games in same bottle

I know I am comparing this to Crossover but, can we get a setup to where we can install multiple games to the same bottle and have a menu or like crossover a tab with icons to launch the games installed in the bottle?

I have a few bottles that are setup with multiple games and they all run with the exact same setup.

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You can simply clone installed games configuration (stored at ~/.config/lutris/games).

Yes but that entails more bottles which entails more drive space. A single bottle that works for say 10 games saves space and all the games run from the one bottle. It also allows for things to be installed in the bottle and run from said bottle like Star Citizen and GameGlass. Which GameGlass has to be run from the exe link and not a link of an icon form the install.

See if we want Linux to be widely used we have to be thinking of making things more intuitive and easier for users to use. Not dumb it down but, easier.

Actually i means you can clone the configuration file and all you have to do is changing the :wine_glass: prefix location pointer, configuration file name and name of the game.

An other way to do it is changing the installation script so that the wine prefix location is pointed to your desired location.

My solution is manually install the games without the script and add it to lutris as non-lutris game

Actually what I am wanting in all honesty, is the ability to add a launcher icon in the bottle to launch the other game that is inside the same install, like I have flights sims installed in a bottle and they all work. Falcon 4.0, Lock-On, Microsoft Flight Sim, F-18 and a few others. I would like to be able to have launch icons in Lutris for each one using the same bottle. Also having multiple installs after a while eats up HD space, I know it seems small but each bottle takes up space and if you can save space with multiple installs in one bottle which at times I have 5 to 10 in the same bottle. That adds up.

i too have a bunch of games grouped into different bottles, and some in a bottle of their own. i am not sure lutris can do anything about this for us ? this needs to be configured in lutris for each game.

this major downside to this is that 1 misStep in this centralized-bottle and a bunch of games are now offline/unplayable (… so i keep nightly backups).

on the other hand, the 1 bottle/game approach does duplicate the same few GB per, with the promise of a more solid experience b/c no game can alter another’s bottle. (… so i do this too for my favorites)

lutris lets us have it both ways.

I know this may sound irrelevant
But try BTRFS system partitions
It is copy on write

From what i heard if two identical files exist in two separate different locations anywhere on disk it will only take space for one and when you make changes to the second file it will create another file with changes at that second place

Because most of the wine prefix files are identical so it should save allot of space

There are a lot of reasons to do something like this. One particular reason is to get the linux ports of the 3 (abandonware) pinball games for Windows 95 Plus! Pack, which all share the same files.

What you’ll want to do is manually create the entries in lutris, and make sure they have identical paths for the wine prefix line. as long as the prefix location is the same for all the programs, the “windows” install in that wine prefix will recognize them all together.

now, this is important enough to require bold: Do not install games from “release groups” or untrusted apps this way. Windows is dangerous enough, even with a wine sandbox, that you want to keep all those things isolated, in case the app phones home or attempts to compromise the prefix in some way.