Pop!os 20.10 Lutris/Origin/SIMS 4 no file provided

New install of Pop!os 20.10. I installed Lutris without apparent issue. Then within Lutris I installed Origin gold/SIMS 4. I am not an experienced gamer, I’m attempting to get this to work for my granddaughter on my linux machine. I see no logs or errors of any sort when I start SIMS 4 the only thing I get is a pop up that reads, ‘no file provided’. I have looked for some soft of log to shed light on this message and, of course, rummaged around on the internet but I do not see anything specific to my setup. One thing I keep seeing is that I should disable Origin in-game but I can not find out where or how to do this. I also did a global search on the command line looking for Origin.exe but it is not found?

Looks like this problem:

The fix here was to download the installer from Origin’s website and running it inside of the prefix. You can run an exe inside a prefix by clicking on the game, clicking on the little arrow beside the wine icon in the bottom part of the Lutris screen and then clicking the ‘Run exe inside Wine prefix’ menu item.

If this succeeds then you have the latest Origin version. Perhaps reinstalling the game from this point on improves things.

I can not find the ‘installer’ specifically on Origins site. I can not download the SIMS 4 game from Origins site as it tells me that I am running an unsupported operating system. It offers a Windows XP and Vista version and Mac OSX ver 10.7 and 10.8 download.