Poor performance in World Of Warcraft

Hello recently switched to Linux full time and I’m having a issue with world of Warcraft.

Its my main game. Basically I have a brand new gaming laptop with a Latest Gen I5 , and a gtx 1050.

Basically im having a weird issue full screen everything runs great I get 100 plus fps.

As soon as i go windowed mode and try to listen to youtube music it turns into a slideshow.

Wow reports it still runs at 100 plus fps but its choppy.

I know it seems like a small issue but on windows I can listen to you tube and play wow windowed no issues.

I need to be able to switch between my browser and you tube with decent performance.

Hoping someone knows how to fix this. Its a deal breaker and I really dont want to go back to windows , it goes against my personal beliefs. But if i cant fix this ill have to which is a damn shame. I have all my work and games and other stuff working flawlessly,

Same here. I switched to Linux about 3 month ago and install Lutris and the runner for the bnet-launcher. All worked perfect right out of the box. (Wow + Overwatch)

Since then I only played overwatch which at this point also runs flawless. What I noticed though was, that after I switched my GPU from gtx 970 to gtx 1080 the compilation of the shaders takes about 20 times as long as before. After that the game runs at 95fps which is nice.

I tried to switch to WoW yesterday and the game didnt event start. I googled around and found a post here where it is said I should increase my wine version. I swtiched from 5.4 to 5.6 and 5.7. Overwatch ran good on all, but I noticed that I always have to reinstall some .NET stuff.

Wow at least started again with 5.7 after three tries, but then I stuck where only half of everything is rendered and I can not move (or at least it apears so the charakter in fact really moves but I only notice this after a relog). When I try to close the windows my OS says it does not respond so I have to kill it and afterwards I get the error report popup from blizzard.

It surprises me that a more high definition game like Overwatch runs flawless and the older and lower grafics game WoW not(no more). When I inspect the runners for Wow and Overwatch seperately I noticed that there are slightly differences.
Does this mean I have to install the launcher for every game specificly?
What could be the reason WoW does not run after a couple of month while Overwatch still does?
Is it normal for the shaders to be compiled like for 10-15 minutes even though I have a high performance GPU? (Or is it because of the performance that it compiles so long?)

@woife Your issue is different then mine, I would recommend creating your own post to ask for help rather then posting on mine.

Don’t know if this will help but try playing youtube music from another workspace and then switch back to your main workspace and run wow from there. Then you wont need to run WoW in windowed mode. And if you need to stop and change songs on youtube just use the shortcut keys of your DE to switch to the second workspace and back again. Thats what I do with other games.

What mixalis said. I don’t remember exactly why but windowed mode stopped working a rather long time ago. But luckily Linux has workspaces. If you don’t like the shortcut on your desktop you can change it, check with your DE.

@z3nni300 Is it choppy all the time? Or is it smooth for a few seconds and suddenly has a freeze?