Please Include a Wine-TKG with Assetto Corsa fix activated

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask for a Wine compilation. I just asked in “lutris_support” for the following:
Hello, this is an edited copy/paste of a message on Lutris Discord:
First, I would Like to thank to the team the great work you do. Thank you for allowing me to use my favorite games on Linux.
I love to play Assetto Corsa, and this game has a Lutris installer that works nicely, but have a little problem. This game uses hud apps . When you use certain hud apps, the performance of the game goes down drastically . There are an option that you can activate on “customization.cfg” on Wine-TKG to avoid this (# Fix for Assetto Corsa performance drop when HUD elements are displayed - _assettocorsa_hudperf_fix="true" ). I would like to ask for a TKG compilation with this option activated on the list of avaliable wine versions. Is possible?