Please add shut down computer after install

I have a very slow connection so I need to let games downloading during sleep time and I want Lutris to shut down the computer after installation or run a custom command after game installation after failed to install maybe writing a log when it fails to install.

I think it would be helpful if you could run the installer from the command line and then have your shell shut down when Lutris finishes. You can already do this:

lutris lutris:<new-game-to-install>; shutdown

But there are two problems with that:

  1. The installer gets stuck waiting for user input at prompts. There’s a request for unattended installs already:
  2. When the installer finishes, Lutris doesn’t exit. So the shutdown command wouldn’t get executed until the user clicked the ‘X’ to close Lutris.
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If its fast enough that you can use power settings to suspend the system sometime after the estimated time, you can just quickly set that. I often adjust the suspend time to do this.

You can also find different ways to schedule shutdowns

You can probably find a script to shutdown when network usage drops off for 10 minutes to whatever and just easily run that each time you download.

You can also make a bug report with Lutris git and see what the devs think. I don’t know if they will do that from here.

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Unattended installs could be a thing. Just add a dialog upon launching an unattended game install and ask for manual post install setups needed in some installers.