Play steam with no steam?

Simple and to the point, Is their any way to play steam games without installing steam on my system it’s self? Just wondering because I love lutris and steam but don’t want to have to install them both if possible (and because of the integration of other stores, my first choose is lutris :slight_smile: )

There used to be some emulators to provide Steam API calls that allowed games to validate running themselves, but IIRC it was not really complete - some games used features in the Steam API that were not handled by emulation - workshop integration etc.

I don’t know if you are working to a space constraint - 8GB of space for Steam including Proton 9 isn’t really a huge amount, and everything works. I just auto-start steam at logon and minimise it. Lutris still provides the single launchpad for all my games on every platform, and emulated titles.

well it is not the space I was worried about it’s just the cluster of different apps(one of the reasons I switched to Linux). But is seems like its not possible, at least as of now. Is that correct?

To play Steam games on Linux, the best choice is to use Steam interface.

OK thank you