Planetside 2- New Direct X 11 Api

Hello, is there anyone that can update the Script for Planetside 2 for linux clients. The game now runs of the new Forgelight 2.0 Engine and supports Direct X 11. It used to support Direct X 9 which could be translated from Wine, But i wanted to ask if anyone can updated this to work with the new DXVK Api, and a translator engine for the battleeye anticheat system so me and more of my friends can make the switch fully to linux. I am highly invested in this game and its the main reason why i stick with windows for the time being.

I am sorry to tell you, but until the publishers of Battleeye decided to support Wine and Lutris, no one is doing to rewrite install scripts for either Wine or Lutris. It would be a waste of time unless Battleeye supports Wine and Lutris. So I guess you are going to be stuck on Windows for quite a while.