PhysX Fails to intalize (Warframe)

i can get either DirectX10 Standalone or DXVK to install, and teh game to “Update” but game fails to launch as PhysX will fail to initialize,

Kernel: 4.17.9
Distro: Xubuntu 18.04 x64
Nvidia driver metapackage from nvidia driver 396

Warframe doesn’t use PhysX anymore. I have no idea how your game is failing because of PhysX.

If you want to debug it, try running lutris in your terminal, to check debug messages. Please specify DXVK version, runner, enviroment variables… Things that can help pinpoint whatever is making PhysX load OR break.

i dont know why i tried uninstalling reinstalling instead of specifying DXVK version (0.63)letting the default installer set the Wine Staging version and DXVK version and not a single bit of PhysX issues have shown, its a lil “Studdery” more so than natively in Win 10, but compared to a second test w/ the DX11 standalone. its not locking up on Resolution change, at random. any particle effect… Guess this was an weird One Off? only thing i noticed while it was Breaking and triggering PhysX, was it was trying to use the Defunct DX9 Mode.

There’s a small possibility PhysX is active by default if the system detects your graphics card as NVidia.

If something similar happens, you can to go their configuration file (.ini) and change PhysX to off. It’s under My Documents>My Games>Warframe or similar. Their forums can guide you better on this.

If you’re fine, you may add [SOLVED] to the title of this post.