Petition (kind request): Digital Extremes (DE) for porting Warframe into Linux OS

Hello, all!

I’m a fan of both Warframe and Linux OS. I wanted to ask any of youwho might want to help, if you would please sign and share this petition I started, kindly requesting DE to port Warframe into Linux OS. Here is the link, you can take a look, and who knows, maybe even share it with someone else, that would be greatly appreciated =)

Digital Extremes (DE) for porting Warframe into Linux OS:

Thank you so much.

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100 people in such a big player base seems like too much work for so little profit. They’re deep in directx10/directx11 and the easiest way to get it working on linux would be porting it to Vulkan. This already sounds like a pain.

If you really want to make such a petition, I suggest going into their official forums and opening a thread there, but I doubt you’ll get enough feedback.