Per game $HOME


When installing a Linux no DRM game I’ve been setting up dirs like:


Then I set $HOME to this dir, let the installer do whatever, run the game and so far everything seems to work (but only 3 games)

For an installer (I have not done it yet) “Executing a file” looks like it could call a script taking 2 args to set things, but is there any way to add env vars in installers that persist into installed configuration?

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I +1 this suggestion, and if it ever gets implemented, I hope it will work with Steam games.

I have a quite clean home directory, but then Clustertruck comes and creates a “My Games” directory right in the middle.

While it is already possible to set environment variables in games and installers (with an env directive in the system section), I rather not have the $HOME variable set directly with that method.

We have a planned feature that will do this exact thing. Shouldn’t be too hard to implement so expect it quite soon.

I set HOME to …/Games/Steam_vhome to avoid these, but I noticed that right clicking the runner and selecting Run did no respect the new env var (even though it’s visible and seems to be inheriting correctly). It fixes the annoyance for me so far, but that folder is not functionally the same as downloaded native or wine prefixes which isn’t perfect.

Having an individual Steam per game also worked but uses an extra 2Gb per game, individually logged in and updating itself etc and is annoying to use, and having Lutris close steam on exit didn’t seem to work leading to multiple instances at times.