PC2 launches, crashes

I am trying to get Project Cars 2 working in Lutris.
Game launches but once a race is attempted it crashes at progress bar at 68%, regardless of race.
dxvk 0.6 allows a more specific error:

WARNING:PushPullFIFO.cpp(182)] PushPullFIFO: underflow while pulling (underflowCount=1, availableFrames=0, requestedFrames=480, fifoLength=12288)

Is there perhaps a solution for this?

If you set it to manual then you can insert what version are you using, and if you insert the version correctly it should work

I had set it manually to 0.54, previously. I just assumed the Manual option allowed for a custom dxvk build.
My bad.
Thanks for your reply

That’s exactly what it does. Of course, you have to place the dlls manually in your Wine prefix.

total n00b here - please instruct re placing dll’s in the prefix

Game doesn’t work. It’s something with Wine/DXVK. Someone tried on Windows with DXVK and they had the same thing happen.

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well that’s a comfort of a sort. I appreciate the fact that the fault is consistent across platforms

Yup, you can read about it here:

I get a LOT further than that in the game.
Think I best file a bug report there, try help.
Thanks for this