PC becomes unresponsive when playing HOTS

Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum. I am currently unable to play Heroes of the Storm correctly. While I’m playing, after a random amount of time, the game freezes completely. When that happens, I can still move my mouse, but no button or combination on the keyboard seems to do anything, so I can’t even change window or turn off the pc. I end up just forcing a turn off with the power button.

Here is the result of lutris --submit-issue: Ubuntu Pastebin

I also tried to create a log this way:

lutris -d > lutris_log.log

This is the resulting log file: Ubuntu Pastebin
It cointains a couple of errors which seems to be fairly common online, but the log itself seems to be quite short, even compared to different logs I generated. Also, the last line is interrupted, which maybe happened when the PC became unresponsive.

Thanks for the help!