Path Of Exile doesn't install. I think I broke stuff... HELP PLS

Hello guys!
I’m a new linux user, so if u could give me some detailed help, I would apreciate. I was trying to play PoE in my Linux Mint 18.3 - 64 bit. I’m using a Asus Notebook, with a core i5 and a 1Gb Intel GPU card. At first i tryed to install it wtih PlayOnLinux. It didn’t work. I was getting a (null) error after agreeing with the game terms and stuff. After that, I just purged PlayOnLinux and tried install directly via Wine, using a google tutorial, this one And it didn’t work aswell, I got the same error as in PlayOnLinux.
After all that fail, I kept searching for ways to install PoE in Linux and then I found Lutris. With Lutris it seems to go fine with the installation but, I just cant play the game. When I click to run it, Litrus returns this error:

I couldn’t find any help in the internet. I’m thinking that I’m having problems because, as I said before I tried to install it with other methods, and, as a noob linux user I was just clicking next in some cases, when PlayOnLinux asked to install Mono for exemple, and another stuff called Gecko, etc. As a result I think its possible that I just broke some packeges.

Hope someone can help me with it…

Which version did you use? “Standalone” or “64-bit installer”?

Hi cxf, i tried both, the only one i didn’t tried was steam version. My account isn’t with steam.

Well that error you receive is because the file path for the installer is wrong. Simple fix. I’ll get back to you once I fix it.

Should be fixed now. If you still have problems make sure you have wine installed on your pc outside of Lutris.

I’m trying to install it again now. After installing Wine as said in the link u said, and started the installation, wine asked me to install Mono and Gecko, i just installed it via wine, is it fine?

Yeah that’s fine.

Ty so much man! It worked. I first installed the 64 bit version but, it was freezing a lot. But it worked. Now I’m trying to download the 32 bit version, hope it runs better…

But again, TY SO MUCH! I think that I was missing wine in my pc and that was the reason i was not able to install PoE…

No problem! Glad you got it working. :grinning:

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