Path issues after updates

HI Guys,
I have only installed a few games on Lutris this year. (2 to be exact)
I have COH (new steam version installed) into /home/.local/share/lutris/runners/winesteam/prefix/drive c/program files/steam/steamapps/common/Company of Heroes Relaunch
~last year and it has been working fine.
I updated LUTRIS
Then I installed Neverwinter Nights, which installed to ~/Games.
Then I installed Dune2000 which also installed to ~/Games.
(as they are not steam games)
which both still work fine.
~this year
I updated Lutris again, to 4.18
It was then I noticed COH system options also said ~/Games.
now I try to run COH, but it wants to download the game again.
I don’t have the bandwidth to see where it goes. (I have 1gb, the download is 7gb)
I am not sure what the system options should be to point it to the installed game. (I have tried quite a few folders down the line where COH is installed, but none seem to work)
No folder pointing seems to work, it keeps wanting to download the game again. I know it has something to do with pointing to the game’s executable, but not sure where to set it.

Can any of you clever fellows help me out?

Hi, its probably steam thats not detecting it , you can try this :
mv your COH folder anywhere for exemple to your home folder , open wine steam uninstall the game , mv back COH to its orginal place under steamapps/common , install again

I will try that, as running lutris -d reports the path more or less correctly, I have a 32 and 64 bit prefix folder and it says that the game is watching the prefix 64 folder. there is no shortcut in the prrefix64 folder, but I copied it there then the game icon on lutris greyed out.
otherwise, I will visit my friend and download it again. and compare what is going on.