[Overwatch] Won't Install / Controller Bug

When trying to install battle.net or Overwatch, it seems to successfuly install, but when trying to launch the game it says can not find .exe. Upon further investigation, I am unable to find where the game is actually installed, as it doesn’t seem to be present anywhere.

That said, we did try to run the game via the windows HDD he had in his computer, and it worked. But upon joining a game, there seems to be a bug that makes you either constantly spin, and / or constantly look up. Any help with this would be very much appreciated.

Clarification, there is no controller actually plugged in. It is only a mouse, which we did verify was not the issue as it persisted upon unplugging both mouse and keyboard. I looked at the joystick config for Lutris, and did not find anything.

In order to install and play Overwatch. You use the Overwatch installer. This will install Blizzard App in a gameprefix ment to be used only for Overwatch (so not the other blizzard games). Make sure you finish the install of Blizzard App with the instructions on screen. Afterwards you can install Overwatch, you can do that in the GamePrefix in the folder the Blizzard App suggests, or in any other folder outside of the GamePrefix (This will make it easier for you to find it, if you have perhaps a /Games directory on your system).

The mouse creeping up is a resolution / aspect ration setting. Make sure it is set correct. If you have a weird ultrawide screen, you might have to change your desktop resolution to something more normal like 1920x1080 first.