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[Overwatch] This game has no executable set. The install process didn't finish properly

First time user for Lutris having problems, distro is Arch. I’ve installed all the dependencies needed for Overwatch (I think) but I can’t seem to get past the installation of Battle net. I’ve set the location of both overwatch and battle net to my Ext4 drive (the Z: drive in the case of battle net), but when I go to launch I only see the error you can see in the title. I can provide any info needed to help with this obviously.


same here with LOL !! :disappointed_relieved:

Check and make sure you have followed this guide for installing the dependencies for and itself. Also make sure that you complete the installation completely (ie followed the full installer steps), do not login and install a game until AFTER restarting the from Lutris. This bit is important - you need to select your region in the installation process and allow it to update. It will show the login screen, this is when you close the installer to allow the Lutris script to finish. Once the Lutris script is finished, you can then launch the from Lutris and then install Overwatch.