Overwatch Texture Transparency/Shimmer

So it installs fine, and runs (for the most part) fine, but… there’s some very strange shimmer going on exclusively on hair (or hair-like) textures–parts of the texture not rendered. It’s not so visible in a still image, but when looking at the game it’s never the same part.

What is particularly confusing is that it seems to be a DXVK-exclusive problem; when run through a bare wine prefix everything rendered normally; once DXVK was manually added to that prefix the shimmering came back. It’s also not tied to any particular quality level–low or epic, it’s all the same.

I can’t make much sense of the debug output, but I wonder if it’s to do with that pixel format 5 it mentions? Though since other people don’t seem to have the problem it’s confusing.

Wine is… 3.21, and DXVK is 0.94, I believe? Other system information here.