Overwatch results - is it safe to play?

Hello there fellas!
First of all, I want to picture you my rig: Laptop Asus ROG G751JL
GTX 965m 2GB GPU
Intel I7-4720HQ 2.6Ghz CPU
16Gb RAM
----Dual boot----
Windows 10 (120Gb SSD for OS and 900Gb on HDD for data)
Ubuntu 18.04 (100Gb HDD with dual boot)

I successfully installed Overwatch on ubuntu via Lutris, using DXVK 0.9.
On windows, I play with 60fps (constant) on High video settings
On Ubuntu, I play with 60fps (constant) on Low AND 50-60fps on normal video settings (Really playable. I love DXVK)

NOW THE ISSUE: temperature.
The GPU is constant between 55°C and 70°C on both OS.
The CPU is under 70°C on Windows, but reached 88°C on Ubuntu while playing Overwatch on Normal. Should I be scared? Is it safe to play?

And another question: This temperature can be because of Ubuntu? Or is only because of the DXVK thing which probably make it quite hard to process ?

Thanks <3

I have the same thing with video card temperature GTX1080
Lutris script for overwatch crank up it to maximum, i tried to play with battle.net script it works fine without pushing card to maximum
I don’t think you should worry about temperature because it will just reduce the frequency if it will be overheated, video card can work fine with 80-90C

As software is becoming better and better (thankfully!!) you can expect those numbers to improve form time to time.

I think it’s great that you’re under DXVK 0.9, given that it requires the newest graphical drivers and Wine, so you’re probably using the optimal setup to play the game.

Temperature shouldn’t be a concern, because the cards have thermal throttling (reduce of performance in order not to damage themselves) and all modern pieces of hardware have failsafes for when temperature reaches a certain threshold (usually 100 degrees).

There’s a small chance 1 of the settings is causing your card to be more stressed than others, so maybe you can play around and see if you can reduce your GPU usage.

Always remember the game was made for both a different OS and graphics API, so it shouldn’t perform the same ^^

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